GangstaPasta Wikia

Welcome to the GangstaPasta Wikia[]

Yo muthafucka, n' welcome ta GangstaPasta Wiki! Yo crazy-ass home fo' creepypastas freestyled by thugs!

I know you must be wondering, "Well how tha fuck is yo dirty ass gonna do that!?"

Well, easily hyped up youth, I have a easy as fuck answer.

I find shitty creepypastas (of which I'ma name) n' I turn dem tha fuck into gangsta language, rockin all tha radical terms tha hip lil playas use these days.

This wiki biatch is in the works, ya hear? That means all you young thugs better not bitch about there bein' no content.

Go check out tha totally dead forum that nobody'll do anything wit' here: ☀

Have fun, n' remember, read it like a thug!

Herez a topic explanation fo' you thugs[]

Why do I need ta hit you wit a second explanation, biatch? Yo ass some kind of wiz kid or something, biatch? 

All of y'all thugs can thuganize shitty creepypastas, just make shizzle itz thug enough, aiiiight?

If you be thinkin tha stories is freestyled weird, blame tha lyricist fo' realz. All I (and all my homeboys eventually) do is turn tha rap tha fuck into gangsta language.

If you don't like tha language on dis page, I have wack shizzle fo' yo thugged-out ass. It aint nuthin but not goin ta chizzle.

Achievements are a work in progress nigga!

Just cuz you sick, herez tha sickest fuckin activity[]

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